Reliability and experience

Specialists of Pomor Shipping LLC are competent
in providing freight forwarding services and port services.

We save your time and money.
We take care of our customers and strive to make the transportation of your goods in a
high-quality, safe and fastest manner.

Harbour services


Freight forwarding

Today container transportation of various cargoes is relevant for many branches of industries, production and trade. It is one of the most convenient, safe and profitable ways of delivering goods from abroad. If you need a delivery of products from any country by container transportation, Pomor Shipping LLC(Russia) is always at your service.


Container transportation

The simplest, safest and most reliable type of transportation by sea, if the cargo meets the requirements for transportation in a container.

Pomor Shipping LLC(Russia) has a set of dry cargo containers available for customers. Additional chartering for the required number of containers of specific parameters is also possible.


Port services

Pomor Shipping LLC(Russia)provides a full range of freight forwarding services in the seaport of Arkhangelsk as follows: passes and cargo documents issuing (bills of lading, consignments); cargo reception in the port of Arkhangelsk; loading and unloading of all types of goods; surveying and load-and-count services; customs clearance; phytosanitary inspection; issuing of certificates confirming safe stowage and securing of cargo.